[2014-06-21] Outline

The APC Drive Project is modeled after the many excellent live archives already in existence and owes much especially to the leadership of the Tool Drive Project. The purpose of the Project is to create a digital archive of all available live recordings of the band A Perfect Circle. No officially released material is, or ever will be, included on this drive. The only recordings permitted are those of independent origin: fan-recorded, amateur recordings of live shows.
Drives can be obtained by sending a blank hard drive and return postage to one of the members of the Project. Updates are released periodically via torrent or direct download, as new shows are recorded or surface in trading. The forum welcomes any and all collectors and tapers of A Perfect Circle - you do not have to be a member of the Drive Project to participate there.

Welcome to the site!

[2012-03-20] Run, Desire, Run

Dear all,

It's been a number of years since I first spoke with Geordy and others about creating an APC Drive in an attempt to archive all available recordings for MJK's sideproject. The Project started around 2008 as a yet far-fetched impulse to create a live database of all available APC recordings in a manner similar to the Tool Drive Project. A number of people have been a huge help in putting together a solid base of live recordings, a base which has grown to nearly 300 gigabytes of audio and video material. Without their help, this Project would never have gotten started.

As real life and graduate school intervened, I lost my flexible schedule which had allowed long hours for reviewing info files, tracking down sources, re-encoding files and renaming them to a standardized system. Thankfully, it was around this time that DonSalvatore first contacted me, with enviable energy and enthusiasm. He has largely taken the reins on this Project and, with technical savvy I certainly cannot match, he has created our new home: www.apcdriveproject.com . Four years and an intervening project later (the NIN Drive), the APC Drive Project is ready to go. We will need some time to put everything together properly, but expect that the Project will launch soon and will be open for others to join by having drives copied.

Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to a successful launch.

All the best,
Chris (Dassarri) and Marco (DonSalvatore)

2011. Copyright APC Drive Project
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